Snake Wine

Among the delicious Hong Kong offerings, snake wine is definitely one of the most unusual. Made from life-threatening snakes and alcoholic rice wine, Chinese snake wine has been used since the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 B.C. Snake wine is a liquor made by inserting a whole snake, sometimes while it is alive, the core of a glass of rice wine or some other type of grain alcohol.

Then it is allowed to sit for several months. Herbs and spices such as ginseng are sometimes included in the formula. Instead, a live snake is killed on the spot and its blood and bile mixed with alcohol given by the client consumed immediately as an injection. In traditional Chinese medicine, the snake has long been considered beneficial. For example, snake meat is believed to improve blood circulation and skin, while bile, bones and snake skin are believed to cure diseases such as sciatica, migraines and rheumatism. However, snake venom is the most valuable ingredient extracted from the snake.

Modern studies have shown that snake wine has analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory properties and that it can actually be good for certain ailments. Although snake wine is made from venomous snakes, it is safe to drink because the ethanol in rice wine denatures the snake’s venom. However, anyone looking for snake wine in Hong Kong or China should stay away from suspicious or unknown sellers. as well as homemade snake wine. Snakes are known to hide and in rare cases may still be alive even after several months in wine. In 2013, the anecdote of a woman bitten by a snake who, despite its existence, nursed in wine for three months, was rife on the Internet: rice wine is a strong alcohol with an earthy, slightly sweet taste, while the snake’s existence gives the chicken a fishy or similar taste.

Sometimes the addition of additional herbs or spices gives the drink a medicinal taste. Walk through the night market in Hoi An, Vietnam, long enough and in due course you will see a white-eyed bull in a glass. Bottles, law-abidingly wrapped in a mass of yellow liquid .These bottles are used for snake wine, a strong alcoholic drink that can be used throughout southern China and Southeast Asia. Although this brew is often sold for its tourist influence, word for word it has a long oral history as a medicine. Drink that dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty in China. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that distilling the “ethos” of a snake into wine cures everything from rheumatism to hair loss. Ethanol in wine. The drink is also touted as a potency-increasing aphrodisiac in a small circle. Winemakers use one large snake per bottle 24 hours a day. You can add roots, berries, and herbs to add flavor or soften features or add smaller snakes, scorpions or geckos.

After filling the bottle with rice wine (whiskey is a popular substitute in Thailand and Laos), they are removed from the usual infusion to infuse for months, and the elixir should be drunk slowly and enjoyed. The taste of snake wine was expressed as earthy and compared to “rice wine with a protein finish like fish chickens”.”Most of the categories feature the fiery liquor of schnapps. Precision and ingenuity count in making a good and safe snake wine. If the snake isn’t hosed down and pitted properly, it may contain parasites that you can detect. drowning a living snake in alcohol. Anyone who thinks of this cruelty knows that the snake sometimes has an eye for an eye. If the animal does not drown properly, the animal can stay alive and inactive in wine for months, ready to jump out and an unsuspecting one Attacking drinkers.

This is rare, but it happened to a woman in Heilongjiang Province, China, in 2013. While not exactly fatal, yes, many alcoholic beverages in China are consumed after being fed the venom of snakes and other small creatures, like z scorpions, locals believe that reptiles add flavor to the drink – and they have too medicinal value.

People of China have constantly believed within-side the medicinal traits of those venomous creatures. The fans of conventional Chinese drug treatments don’t forget them relatively for his or her healing virtues. It is stated that it revives someone and refreshes him. Locals agree with that it may therapy far-sightedness, hair loss, or even some sip can enhance sexual overall performance of a man. Known to be a conventional final results of China and relished until date, they originated loads of years returned whilst humans of Western Zhou Dynasty commenced ingesting them – This turned into within-side the duration 1046-771 BC.


The way of life continues to be very tons alive within-side the twenty first century China and a few south-east Asian countries. The poisonous alcoholic liquids are made through infusing complete snakes in an already alcoholic drink known as rice wine or ethanol. Snakes are dipped into the liquids for his or her “essence” and “venom” which receives dissolved within-side the liquor. They are stored like this for months in order that their frame fluids can blend nicely with wine and make for a shot. The deadly venom of the snake receives denatured through the ethanol gift within-side the drink which unfolds the proteins and for this reason makes it inactive. In case of steeped, a massive venomous snake is positioned in a tumbler jar of rice wine with a few different smaller snakes and medicinal herbs. The jar is left to steep for some months. After that it’s far fed on in small photographs for its restorative purposes. In case of mixed, the frame fluids of snakes are jumbled together wine immediately and fed on immediately. A blood wine of snake is ready through cutting a reptile from its stomach and pouring its blood immediately into the drink. The bile wine is ready through the usage of the contents of snake’s gall bladder.

Snakes are extensively believed to own medicinal features and the wine is regularly marketed to remedy the whole lot from farsightedness to hair loss, in addition to to boom sexual performance. In Vietnam, the not unusual place nearby call for snake wines is ru′ou′ thuốc, at the same time as much less not unusual place ones are called rượu rắn. In Vietnamese tradition it’s far believed with the aid of using a few people that snake wine can enhance fitness and virility. A comparable drink is made with dehydrated geckos or sea horses as opposed to snakes.[9] Snake wine, because of its excessive alcohol percentage, is historically under the influence of alcohol in shot glasses. It is unlawful to import snake wine to many nations due to the fact a number of the snakes used for its manufacturing are endangered species.

-Anushka Agrawal

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