SKY POOL: World’s first ever transparent swimming pool

This masterpiece has been created in London and it is the World’s first ever transparent swimming pool. It has been named the SKY POOL, which is 82 ft long and is suspended 115 ft above a street. It is suspended between two buildings, which makes one feel that they are swimming in the air.

The pool is attached between the 10 th floors of two buildings, in the Nine Elms neighbourhood in south-west London which is next to the US Embassy.

The pool also offers beautiful view of the House of Parliament and London Eye. The concept of this pool was born in 2013. It can hold upto 50 tones of water and features rooftop bar and spa. 148000 litres of water allows swimmers to float 35 m in the air between the two residential buildings. It is built by the structural engineer Eckersley O’Callaghan.

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