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New Delta COVID Variant Symptoms: “It May Feel Like a Bad Cold or A Weird Feeling”

The recent devastation caused by the second wave of corona virus has left millions of people in a state of chaos and panic. Main reasons for the increase in COVID cases, the newly emerging variants also contributed to the chaos. While many are currently returning to partial normalcy, doctors and health care professionals are concerned about the new set of symptoms associated with COVID. The Delta variant of 19, not categorized as a Variant of Concern (VOC) by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Delta variant, or B.617.2, of COVID-19 infection refers to the fusion of two mutations in one strain of the virus that form a third super infectious strain. Variant B.617 contains mutations from two separate virus variants, namely E484Q and L452R. Using genome sequencing and sample testing, the first case of a double mutation in India was discovered in Maharashtra state. Previous laboratory results showed a large increase in the E484Q and L452R mutations since December. Because the Delta variant carries the genetic code for two other mutations, E484Q and L452R, it becomes much easier for them to invade the human immune system. Also, because the newer variants tend to alter the structure of the spike protein, it is more efficient at attaching to human host cells and multiplying quickly, which does more damage than an original strain of COVID.

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