Corona virus: Can the COVID-19 vaccine guarantee protection against the new variant?

With the second wave of COVID hitting India, concerns about mutated or aberrant forms of the virus are growing. Mutations or changes in your genetic make-up. As the virus replicates, it may not produce exact replicas of itself, creating new strains that may be more or sometimes less effective. From COVID-19 through rampant vaccination, it is useful to understand the new strains of the virus that are developing and that are considered more dangerous compared to SARS-CoV-2. While these virus variants are of great concern, there is also an increase: people mistakenly believe that current vaccines cannot protect us from these variants. The severity and extent to which a particular variant of the virus affects us depends on its mutated property. This also determines the speed at which the virus spreads. Medical science is currently analyzing new variants of the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 vaccines currently under development are said to offer some protection against newer variants of the virus. Changes or mutations in the virus should therefore not render vaccines completely ineffective. The expansion of the vaccination procedure ensures the protection of the largest population against COVID-19. This also reduces blood flow, which in turn leads to less mutated forms of development.

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