Britain might ease travel restrictions soon

Britain might soon ease travel rules for fully vaccinated people after airlines take legal action against the government. Reports suggest that Ryanair, alongside Manchester Airports Group, sued the government in the UK in response to the travel curbs. Airlines are desperate to get back in action    just in time for the summer vacations, which is when they make most profits.

Papers were filed for a judicial review at the High Court in England by Ryanair, and the Manchester Airports Group. However, Britain now might go ahead with relaxations on travel restrictions. In fact, the   government is now thinking about how to use vaccinations for inbound travel as well. This should come as a great relief for airlines in Britain.

Britain has already vaccinated more than half of its adults with both the doses. Now as Europe has opened up for travel for fully vaccinated travellers, Britain too is looking forward to such an opening from July. Fully vaccinated travellers currently do not have to take COVID-19 tests, or go under quarantine in the Europe Union member states.

A government spokesperson commented on the situation, “We have commenced work to consider the role of vaccinations in shaping a different set of health and testing measures for inbound travel.”

Airlines in Britain, such as Ryanair, have called on the government to ease travel restrictions, such as quarantine. They have even urged the government to allow travel to some of the lower risk  countries,   such   as   Spanish,   and   Greek   islands.

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