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A man from West Bengal sets up a Moving Restaurant

Perth Mandal, a resident of East Burdwan district in West Bengal, was working in Dubai after completing his graduation in hotel management. He had previously worked in many five star hotels.

However the pandemic forced him to return home. But when the lockdown was extended he took things into his own hands, he decided to create a moving restaurant on a four wheeler lorry.

The Covid 19 pandemic has completely devastated the global economy and left millions of people jobless. Perth said he did not have his own land by the side of a road, and hence came up with the idea of developing a moving restaurant. This restaurant serves Indo-continental food, and travels across the district looking to attract customers.

He spent around Rs 20 lakh for this project, and the modern restaurant has everything one can ask for. His fancy restaurant can house a maximum of 50 people who can enjoy the open view while having their favorite dish. He has also setup a wash basin at the entrance for maintaining hygiene. People who feel their house is too small for a get together and want a low budget event can approach him, and he will be there with his moving restaurant.


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