You can now visit Queen’s Buckingham Palace gardens unattended

This week, visitors to Buckingham Palace will create history! The Queen has opened her palace’s beautiful garden to visitors, unguarded for the first time in history. Visitors will get an opportunity to explore the gorgeous gardens unattended along with enjoying a picnic inside.

Every summer, the Queen opens her London home for guided public tours but this year is going to be different.

The Royal Collection Trust has extended tours of the gardens and, for the first time, the public will be permitted to enjoy picnics into the palace. The palace will also install various food stations on site as the Big Lunch initiative. Also, Queen’s tea rooms will be open to the public, complete with her own furniture.

According to reports, the royal palaces have suffered immense financial losses due to Coronavirus lockdown across the globe. A huge decline in tourists had a huge negative impact on the tourism of palaces across the UK. With this initiative, the administration is hoping to boost palace tourism.

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