The colours at dusk

The colours at dusk are always scintillating, no matter where you see it. The sky turns so gorgeous that we often forget the day’s worries, and take a moment to enjoy it. In travels too, we never really stop to look up, or we are mostly intrigued by sunrises only. So where can you see beautiful sunsets in the country? India has tons of great locations, from the mountains to the sea, and needless to say, you have some amazing destinations for sunsets.


Watching the sun set on the ghats of the holy River Ganga is transcendental. You will never have a second experience such as this in your life. Varanasi is an ancient city, reputed as one of the holiest for Hinduism. It is believed that dying here in the city will allow you to attain moksha.

Watching the sun set over the river, with boats returning to the shore, it certainly gets quite surreal.


Dal Lake, Kashmir

God resides in Kashmir, and hence, sunsets are heavenly. The Dal Lake as we all know is a popular lake where going on a boat ride is of prime importance. Watching the sunset from here is certainly something you won’t forget in this lifetime. In Kashmir life is slow, and nature is of utmost importance, combine these with a great sunset, and you have a perfect picture.

Taj Mahal, Agra

The Taj Mahal covers itself in a beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange during sunset. It gives the iconic building a whole different look, and you might even think that it is better than any other time of the day. Watching it upfront, or even from across the river, can be mesmerising during dusk. The golden hour as it is called can also give you an opportunity to click gorgeous pictures of the Taj.


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