This Iceland hotel will pay for your stay and travel if you can photograph Northern Lights

Time to brush off that dust off your camera and practice your best shot as a hotel in Iceland is looking for its first-ever official “lights catcher”! Hotel Rangá, in the beautiful town of Hella, is searching for a photographer to capture photos and videos of the Northern Lights. The property will offer a month’s accommodation to the person as well.

Not only free accommodation, the selected photographer will also get airfare to and from Iceland*. However, he/she must be available for three weeks from mid-September to mid- October.

Hella is around a 90-minute drive from Reykjavik on the southern coast of the country. It is an ideal place to spot the night sky brimming with Northern Lights. Being a countryside property, the hotel has a viewing spot with its own observatory. There are two high-end telescopes and a retractable roof in the observatory for a clear view of the sky.


How to apply:

1) The interested photographers will have to fill out the application form. The form has questions about social media reach, photography experience, previous travel in Iceland, and vaccination status.

2) Applicants need to answer why they should be the hotel’s photographer?

This is not the first time that the property has launched such innovative incentives to draw visitors. In 2020, the hotel offered free stays to women who would propose to their lovers on Leap Day. The property also sent 700 free postcards to people who requested for Valentine’s Day.

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