This Carribean island is opening for summer travel, with promise of free stay

The caribbean island of Curaçao is all geared up to lift COVID-related restrictions, and will also be easing summer travel of visitors. What’s more is that it will be celebrating this time by handing out free hotel nights to visitors. Dotted with many diving sites, white and black sand beaches, and hiking trails, Curaçao is all set to host tourists by offering them every fourth night free at the particshoucari hotels for travel from June 19 through October 30. This was recently announced by the Curaçao Tourist Board. It also mentioned that those interested in this offer, should plan fast and make the bookings by June 29 to take advantage of the promotion.

The said offer comes in the light of lifting island-wide night curfew for the first time in over a year. Reportedly, restrictions regarding capacity on outdoor bars and resturants have also been lifted.

The island is witnessing easing of restrictions as it has been witnessing COVID-19 positivity rate of just 0.15% over the past three weeks as per the curacao Tourism Board. It has also become possible as vaccines have started to roll out. As per the reports, Curaçao has vaccinated 86000 people, or around 54.6 per cent of the island’s total population.

Elaborating on the offer, CEO of the Curacao Tourist Board Paul Pennicook said that after going through the difficult 2020, the hospitality and tourism industry is making all the efforts to make an aggressive comeback, whereas travellers are also eager to getaway this summer. Also, those looking for a longer vacation can turn their WFH into Work from Paradise by staying there for up to six months.

However, all those arriving on the island will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test that has been taken within 72 hours of their departure, and they should also carry a printed result with them. Apart from this, they need to schedule a rapid antigen test that they will have to take on the third day of their trip.


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