Its Pride Month!

The world is a very different place in 2021, where every individual must be given the desired respect that he or she deserves, irrespective of caste, creed, or even sexual preference. The month of June is observed as Pride Month across the world, to celebrate sexual diversity. The month brings together people from various walks of life, who are members of the LGBTQ community. The highlight of course is the Pride Parade that takes place across the world.


Capital Pride, United States

One of the best celebrations in the USA is in Washington DC. The celebration is called Capital Pride, and each year it revolves around a theme. This year’s theme is #StillWe, and there is going to be talks, events, parties, brunch, rallies, and a lot more. It is a month-long celebration, so join in anytime you like.


Madrid Orgullo, Spain

This year the celebrations in Madrid is going to be held from June 25 to July 4. The main Pride Parade is going to take place on July 3. The welcoming city dives deep into the celebrations every year, and it is a great opportunity for travellers to experience soemthing unique.


Pride in London, England

London sure knows how to celebrate Pride. The events here are most certainly fun, and you will find the LGBTQ community coming out in numbers. You can participate in the numerous events that take place throughout the month of June. The main parade is going to take place on September 11, 2021.


Zurich Pride Festival, Switzerland

The celebrations in Zurich was supposed to kick off on June 19, 2021 from 7:30 pm. But now it has been re-scheduled to September 4-5. It will also be live streamed, so you can watch it from your home even if you cannot be present at the festival.


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