The top three experiences of Jaisalmer

The great Indian desert experience

The image of Jaisalmer is forever attached to the great Thar Desert. It is here where you will come face to face with India’s desert dreamland. First there is the outstanding sandcastle, the Jaisalmer Fort, immortalised by Satyajit Ray in his 1974 detective thriller, Sonar Kella or The Golden Fort. Then there are the camels who form the basis of this great adventure. In between all of this, there are the other great tours and advenures that you will never forget


The allure of Jaisalmer Fort

Taking the centerstage, the Jaisalmer Fort is simply an enigma. You would be surprised to know that it is home to 3000 people who live within its walls. Once upon a time the fort in itself was the main city, it was founded way back in 1155 AD. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its ambience is a reflection of traditional Rajasthani culture. There is a lot to do here, so it is a must-visit.


The safari of a lifetime

At the Thar, you will find all your desert dreams coming true. Spend your days like a Bedouin, and wonder through endless sand. Besides the camel experience, you can also camp here. There are luxury tents, and tents of all budgets for travellers. This is kind of experience that you will not find elsewhere, so you must really spend one night here.


Desert National Park

Located close to Desert National Park, this is a fascinating experience for many reasons. You will find a lot of Chinkaras here, also known as the Indian Gazelle. The unique ecosystem of Thar Desert can be witnessd here, and it is certainly a treat. In fact, the park also has sand dunes. This is also home to the Great Indian Bustard, which is a critically endengered species of bird.

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