Revenge travel revamps trends in tourism

Off-the-grid destinations and beautiful locations that don’t conform to the ideals of a travel guidebook, are emerging as the new favourite of many travellers. The phenomenon of revenge travel, which refers to the desire of going on a vacation after an extended period of lockdown,  has lead to most well-known touristy sites being crammed with visitors. Hence, for those looking to quench their wanderlust in a safe and responsible manner, the options are little different from conventional choices.

Such travellers are searching to find the perfect holiday spots, that aren’t yet airbrushed or commercialised. No wonder, lesser explored tourist destinations such as Mashobra near Shimla, Kumbhalgarh near Udaipur, Landour near Mussoorie, are basking in the glory of their new gained popularity.” People now don’t want places that are commercialised. They don’t want to go sight-seeing. All they want is a beautiful view and a relaxed environment. Another important thing is that there aren’t many resorts in Mashobra or other such sites. With limited options to stay, it won’t get crowded” says Prerna Sharma, an ardent traveller.

Moreover, the modern day, well-read traveller is looking for off-grid experiences that have a local touch and a traditional vibe. “Manali, Udaipur and Dehradun are very crowded, so nearby areas are being explored. These new places are located in the valley, with only locals having explored them so far. Travellers today want to spend time at such places that have a different and calming vibe,” says travel vlogger Mohit Sharma, adding that quaint cottages with picturesque views, is what people are looking for now.

Some travellers are also opting to go on a staycation at some elegant and comfortable resorts. “There are heritage properties such as Vivaana in Rajasthan, Ramgarh Heritage near Chandigarh and Deo Bagh in Gwalior, which are drawing many visitors. People visit these places for their charm and heritage. For instance, Deo Bagh has got some history, peacocks, guava gardens, among others. One also gets home style food there. People can also just go and stay at a beautiful property such as Karma Lakeland which has villa style accommodation and is one with nature,” shares travel and food expert Rupali Dean. So, take a look at some places that have always been there, but are becoming a new hot favourite among tourists.

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