Pictures of an overcrowded Manali terrifies India

Some are calling it revenge travel, others are simply aghast with horror as pictures from Manali show how massive crowds have descended on the hill town. Plus, the heat in north Indian plains is also causing this tourism boom at a time when India is fearing a third wave of Coronavirus.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to express their shock as people seem to have forgotten the nightmare that the country went through in the months of April and May. Sure enough, there were quite a few memes as well. One post said, “no bed in hospitals to no bed in hotels.” The Himachal Pradesh government had announced the easing of lockdown restrictions last month. Neither E-covid pass, nor a negative RTPC test report is required anymore, thus prompting more people to enter Manali.

The sudden surge in tourism in Manali has caused a lot of people to fear another devastating third wave, as social distancing rules are being flouted.

This surge in tourism is now being associated with revenge travel, wherein one takes revenge on months of lockdown. But truly, the dismal pictures only remind us that we are not too serious about the COVID situation in the country. While unlocking is mostly done to restart local businesses, it is upto the people of to tread carefully.

Last month, we saw horrifying pictures of people queueing in large numbers to visit a fort in Maharashtra, and a similar social media outcry followed. Yet, that did not stop the massive tourism surge in Manali this month.

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