Nature Play Area Unveiled At Koala Reserve

Imaginative nature play is the order of the day at the Koala Conservation Reserve, with a brand- new nature play area opened recently on June 26, just in time for the school holidays.

The play area is designed so that kids will create their own fun and be imaginative as they jump, run, sit, crawl and climb throughout the different areas that showcase some of the island’s native species – an Eastern barred bandicoot burrow, a honeyeater nest and a koala deck.

Recycled timbers were sourced from the plantation at the Koala Conservation Reserve, as well as Churchill Island, to allow for a sustainable and aesthetic design that complemented the surrounding woodland.

The new nature play area is located at the front of the Koala Conservation Reserve, so paid entry is not required. It’s the perfect place for families to bring along a picnic and spend some time getting back to nature with the kids.

Nature will also be a feature of a new mural artwork being created by renowned contemporary artist Jimmy Dvate. Wildlife will be celebrated in this mural that is set to feature native species including a honeyeater, a curlew and more.

Jimmy has previously completed a series of popular murals for the Nature Parks including one on the Nobbies visitor centre, and two that adorn the shearing shed at Churchill Island.

Work has started on the walls of the old Chisholm centre on June 30, and Jimmy is expecting the project to take approximately ten days to complete.


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