Maldives Industry Looks Forward To Golden Jubilee Celebrations In 2022

2022 marks a big milestone for Maldives as the island country is set to celebrate 50 years of its globally recognised glorious tourism offerings. The Tourism Ministry is in discussion with the industry stakeholders to plan the activities for a grand celebration. While Maldives initiated the countdown for the anniversary on 1st January 2021, Ministry of Tourism unveiled the logo for “Golden Jubilee Year of Maldives Tourism 2022” in March 2021.

Amidst the global pandemic, Maldives gained immense traction among worldwide travellers for its uniquely located islands. In the month of January 2021 alone, it recorded a 14 per cent increase in tourist arrivals as opposed to the previous year. According to the Ministry of Tourism, 10,004 arrivals were from 1st to 4th February 2021, with a daily average of 2,501 arrivals. Among Russia and Ukraine, India has consistently remained one of the top source markets for Maldives.

Commenting on the marketing strategies adopted to reach out to a wider Indian audience in 2021- 22, and hinting that the temporary travel restrictions imposed on Indians will be eased soon, Thoyyib Mohamed, MD, MMPRC said, “Due to the Covid, we had to re-strategize our marketing activities in order to accommodate the current trends. We studied consumers’ behaviour and planned our efforts accordingly for the coming year. Undoubtedly, India is an important market for us. It has always been one of the top source markets for Maldives. Our strategy for India is to greatly focus on increasing visibility of Maldives in the India market and to showcase it as a ‘Safe Haven’ for holiday makers through activities directly targeted at consumers and travel trade. Some of these activities include digital campaigns, online and offline fairs, roadshows and virtual events. This year, we will also work on reaching as many regions as possible within the India market via these platforms.  Regarding  the temporary  restrictions imposed on Indians travelling to  the Maldives, I would like to say that we are optimistic about an ease in restrictions soon.”

Although, Maldives is perceived as a luxury destination across the globe, over the past few years, it has managed to diversify its tourist offerings thus, creating a shift in its global image. Currently, it has 159 resorts with different star categories that cater to everyone, 552 guesthouses which are located in local islands, perfect for the budget travellers and those seeking to experience local culture and cuisine. And, 130 liveaboards that cater to a comprehensive range of accommodation facilities on board.

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