Ladakh becomes the first Union Territory to vaccinate 100% of its population with first dose

In a great effort, Ladakh has become the first Union Territory to have vaccinated 100 percent of its population with at least one dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. Not only this, the reports also say the UT has also vaccinated the entire ‘guest population’, which includes hotel workers, migrant labourers, and Nepalese citizens working in the region.

Considering Ladakh’s extreme weather and arduous terrain, this is an achievement to applaud.

As per reports, 89404 eligible people have been given the first dose of their vaccine while 60936 people got their second jab. The Ladakh government also vaccinated 6821 Nepalese citizens who live and earn there.

The best part is that Ladakh was able to achieve this in just a three months period! The administration is giving priority to hotel workers and public transport drivers as they are considered as frontline workers in the tourism industry. Besides, labours from outside were also prioritised.

An official said that they had a surplus of COVID-19 vaccines so instead of wasting it, they started vaccinating people in the 18-44 age group which helped them reach the 100 percent level.

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