Greece travel update: Mykonos imposes curfew as COVID-19 cases increase

After turning the music on in its favourite holiday destination, Greece has been forced to impose curfew in Mykonos as the number of virus cases in the region has increased. The news has made party lovers and holidaymakers sad as this stunning Greek island is noted for its party culture.

A seven-day long curfew has been imposed in Mykonos after officials described the situation as worrisome. All the restaurants, cafes and clubs have been asked to switch off the music completely. According to reports, anyone not going to and from work or the hospital needs to stay home from 1 AM and 6 AM.

Not only this, the country has also made it mandatory for anyone eating indoors at a restaurant or visiting a club to provide their proof of vaccination against the Coronavirus. In addition, the government will also levy a heavy fine if any venue is found breaking the new COVID rules. Such establishments might even have to face temporary closure.

In May, Greece reopened its borders and welcomed tourists with open arms. But soon after, the number of infections started increasing. The country had to tighten its COVID-19 rules and restrictions to keep the infection at bay. During this time, tourists thronged Mykonos and the party was on after more than a year of pandemic.

But, given the current situation, the COVID restrictions are reintroduced across the continent. The Delta variant of the virus is spreading in the country rapidly, which has forced the Greek government to rethink their reopening plans.

The country is now focusing on vaccinating all its essential healthcare workers and nursing staff on a priority basis.

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