Going beyond Manali in Himachal

Going beyond Manali in Himachal

With Manali witnessing massive crowds, and even the netizens calling out tourists for not being mindful, you might as well halt any such plan now. Although it is still advisable not to travel, until it’s necessary, here are some places that you can head to avoid the crowds, places that can let you follow all the COVID protocols.



Nestled beautifully against the backdrop of gigantic hills and River Beas, Naggar can be a good choice if you want to ditch the crowd, and enjoy a tiny slice of history too. Visit the Naggar Castle that showcases the rich blend of European and traditional Himalayan architecture; it once served as the residence of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. The castle has now been converted into a heritage hotel, so you can even book a stay there. This spot also is home to a folk art museum, which can be explored to learn more about the history of this place.



This serene destination can be reached from Shimla via car in just around 45 min. Being situated at a high altitude of 2500 m, Fagu is mostly surrounded by fog, and offers you the ambience that you will not forget soon. Then, the lush green forests of cedar and pine, will tempt you to take long walks, and enjoy the experience of breathing fresh air. If you are lucky, you might even spot snow leopards here.



It’s one of the most charming valleys, which serves as the perfect getaway from the chaos and mundane city life. Surrounded by snow-clad peaks and lush green forests, this valley has its own unique charm. When you are done hiking and exploring temples, head toward the apple orchards and spend some time there, which will be a mic of scenic beauty, adventure, and peace.



This quaint village sits quietly amid wilderness, and untouched natural beauty that might just seem to be straight out of a fairy tale. The moment you reach the spot, you might feel that you just want to unwind and relax. If you take a stroll and start exploring this village, you will come across several temples that are made of wood. Shoja also has pleasant weather throughout the year, and has a number of attractions to keep you busy, including waterfalls, a lake, and a fort.



Mashobra is a surprise waiting for you, and is situated at just around 13 km away from Shimla. If you have visited all the tourist hotspots in Himachal, Mashobra will offer some change. It’s an altogether different place, dotted with deodar trees throughout. You can also indulge in activities as you venture out into the jungles during the day, such as zip lining, star gazing, and camping.We request our readers to not travel unless essential. If travelling, please follow all the health and safety guidelines by Central and State governments as well as local bodies.Social distancing is essential for your safety as well as for the locals of these places.

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