Disneyland Paris reopens as France moves towards normalcy

As vaccination against COVID-19 continues across the world, nations across the world are returning to normalcy. France’s tourism sector was also badly hit by the pandemic as the country went into strict lockdown. Now, as the world opens up again, the country is also expecting better, regular days ahead. Its star attraction, Disneyland Paris has also opened up now, bringing much joy and smiles amongst the denizens. A kids’ favourite, Disneyland opened up for visitors two weeks after the nation opened its borders for vaccinated travellers.

Disneyland Paris is believed to be one of the most visited theme parks in Europe, and an eager group of people were the first visitors to it. A number of them expressed joy at the opening of a place they consider as the “happiest place on earth”. They were welcomed by some of the most famous Disney characters.

Now, as the park has reopened, visitors are required to wear face masks to curb any possible outbreak of COVID-19. The park authorities also expect people to maintain social distancing.

France PM Jean Castex also expressed that the country is returning to “a form of normal life again”. He also expressed that barring crowded places, people do not have to wear masks in public places anymore. As of now, France has barred travellers from 16 countries, including India. Other nations in the list include South Africa and Brazil as well.

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