Delhi Zoo to reopen for visitors from August 1 with COVID protocols in place

Delhi Zoo is all set to reopen for visitors from August 1. After remaining shut for more than three months due to the rise in Coronavirus cases during the second wave of pandemic, the zoo is now all set to welcome visitors.

Reportedly, the zoo remained closed for more than a year earlier due to bird flu and the first wave of Coronavirus. Then, it was reopened to the public on April 1, only to be closed again on April 15 due to the rise in COVID cases.

Referring to this, Zoo Director Ramesh Pandey stated that they are ready and planning to open the National Zoological Park from August 1. He added that they have been preparing for things to be in order, and the zoo will be operated in two shifts as earlier. He further informed that online bookings will be made available from July 31.

One can buy tickets online from the zoo’s website. As the zoo will be operating in two shifts, the first shift will be from 8 AM till noon, where the second shift will be from 1 PM to 5 PM. As per the reports, a total of 1500 people will be allowed in each slot. As per the Zoo Director, they take steps to increase or decrease the number of visitors in the zoo once a trend sets in.

Pandey also added that they will try to maintain COVID appropriate behaviour and sanitize the zoo to keep it disinfected. The sanitisation drill will be done twice daily, i.e., before the zoo opens and after it closes for the day.

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