COVID-19: You cannot travel from Saudi Arabia to UAE and vice-versa

If you have been planning to travel to and from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, here is a dampener. Effective immediately, Saudi Arabia has barred flights to/from the UAE in the middle of growing concerns about the new variant of COVID-19; officials have not confirmed if the ban has been triggered by the Delta variant.

The said ban also extends to flights between Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, Vietnam and Ethiopia. The ban was pushed into effect from Sunday, 11 PM. An official notice on the same states that all Saudi citizens are barred from travelling to the said nations without obtaining permission from the concerned authorities.

An official statement was released by the authorities, clearing stating that “Banning citizens from traveling directly or indirectly, without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authorities to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Suspending citizens’ direct or indirect travel to the previously declared countries will continue… It was also decided to suspend entry from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Vietnam Socialism, in addition to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, except for non-citizens who stayed 14 days outside those four countries, as well as all the previously announced countries.”

Saudi’s Ministry of Interior has also advised citizens travelling to the permitted countries to be careful and practice all precautionary measures. Saudi Arabia has been actively working to contain the spread of COVID-19, also imposing a number of limits on Hajj pilgrimage.

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