COVID-19: Italy imposes five-day quarantine on visitors from UK

In a recent development, Italy has announced to impose a five-day quarantine on visitors from the United Kingdom over the fears of Delta variant. The country is also introducing mandatory testing for British travellers, informed the Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Friday.

On the other hand, Italy has decided to lift all the restrictions on fully vaccinated travellers from the US, Canada, Japan and other EU states. The minister said that the travellers from these countries should either be fully vaccinated or tested negative recently. Meanwhile, Italy continues the ban on travellers arriving from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Earlier, France, Germany and Austria had introduced some strict restrictions on the British travellers. Following their footsteps, Italy too has now put restrictions.

At present, the UK is suffering from the deadly and highly contagious Delta variant. As per the Office for National Statistics figures, up to 12 June, one in every 540 people is infected in the country, which is a worrisome situation. The UK government said that there had been a 79 percent hike in weekly reported cases of the Delta variant.

The Italian government said that the new measures will come into force on Monday.

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