Countries ease Covid restrictions as infections dip; check list of nations Indians can visit (conditions apply)

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues in India during the second wave, some parts of the world which appear to have tided over the pandemic are opening up for tourists. The European countries which were one of the worst affected countries by Coronavirus are opening up their tourist attractions for the US and few other countries’ residents. Countries in the European Union have listed separate restrictions and conditions to be fulfilled by the tourists willing to visit their

jurisdictions. On the other hand, few tourist destinations have also opened up their doors for the Indian residents, the Indian Express reported. Here is how different countries are opening up for tourists.


French government has allowed tourists who have been vaccinated by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson doses inside the country. The tourists will have to show their vaccination proof at the time of their entry. However, the restrictions are harsher for countries outside the European Union and those off the ‘Green countries’ list. The additional restrictions for tourists from such countries include a negative RT-PCR report which is not older than 72 hours or an antigen negative test result conducted not before 48 hours. With the population of children largely unvaccinated in most parts of the world, the French government has allowed unvaccinated children with vaccinated children but the children above 11 must produce a negative RT-PCR report or negative antigen report.

Indian tourists along with residents from 15 other countries are prohibited from entering France as these countries are recording a surge in the Covid-19 cases.

Italy: Tourists wanting to visit Italy should either board a Covid-19 tested flight or quarantine  for a period of 10 days upon their arrival in the country. Covid-19 teste flights have been operating from countries like the US, Canada, Japan among others and passengers boarding these flights are tested before and after their journey along with being asked to mandatorily fill information about their visiting plans so that they can be contacted and traced conveniently by  the authorities.

Greece: One of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe, Greece has opened up for tourists from more than 20 countries including the US, China and Britain among others. Tourists can either produce their vaccination certificate or show their negative Covid-19 test report.

Spain: The country is only allowing tourists who have been vaccinated by European Union approved vaccines and two Chinese vaccines which have been approved for use by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Tourists must also ensure that they are fully vaccinated at least two week before their scheduled arrival in the country. Tourists from India, South Africa and Brazil are prohibited from entering the country on account of Covid-19 surge in these countries.

United Kingdom: The British government has put the countries on different lists in accordance with the infection surge. Tourists arriving from countries which are on Green list will have to submit the Covid-19 test report conducted on the day of journey or a day before. For tourists coming from the countries on the amber list, the government has mandated quarantine and two Covid-19 tests. Lastly, for the travellers coming from countries on the Red list, the government has mandated hotel quarantine and take two Covid-19 tests.

Russia: One of the few countries which are welcoming residents from India is Russia. The Russian government has said that travellers coming from outside will need to get tested for Covid-19 at the time of arrival and once again after five days of their stay in the country. Till the result of both the tests are out, the travellers will have to remain confined in home quarantine.

Turkey: Even Turkey has allowed Indian travellers to visit its shores on the condition of remaining in institutionalised quarantine for a period of 14 days after their arrival. Once they have tested negative on the 14th day of their arrival, they will be allowed to come out of the institutional quarantine.

Thailand: One of the favourite and closest tourist destinations for Indian tourists, Thailand has allowed visitors on the condition of producing the vaccine certificate. The government has also mandated that the travellers must not visit any other part of the country for initial seven days and remain confined in Phuket. Children accompanying the vaccinated individuals need not quarantine either but those between 12 and 18 years of age must undergo rapid antigen tests.

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