China introduces the fastest train in the world; top speed 600 km/hr!

Did you ever imagine covering a distance of more than 1400 km in just three hours?

Well, China has made it possible by introducing the world’s fastest maglev train with a top speed of 600 km/hr! On Tuesday, the country unveiled the world’s fastest train.


Special features of the train:

  • As per Chinese media, the train is self-developed by China in the coastal city of Qingdao of Shandong At 600 km/hr, that train can cover a 1000 km distance from Beijing to Shanghai in only 2.5 hours! At present, the journey takes 5.5 hours at the current speed by train and 3 hours by flight.
  • The maglev trains, like regular trains, do not use wheels or a conventional track, but move by magnetic levitation with It keeps the train a little above the track.
  •  These trains are more efficient than usual trains because they don’t depend on friction for braking or accelerating.
  • Also these trains are absolutely As of now, only countries like France, Japan, Spain, South Korea and China use such transportation systems.
  • As of now, Shanghai has a short maglev line running between the airport and the town.
  • According to Chinese media, these trains will help fill the gap between China’s present high- speed trains that run at 350 km/hr and aeroplanes at a speed of 800 km/hr.
  • The train also features Wi-Fi and wireless charging.

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