8 European countries approve Covishield for green pass

Eight European countries have now approved Covishield, amidst news that the European Union (EU) has banned Covishield. There has been a tussle going on between India and the European Union for its approval, with India even saying that the country will not approve the EU’s vaccines as well, and make quarantine mandatory for travellers if Covishield or Covaxin are not approved.

As of now, eight countries have approved the Covishield vaccine for Green Pass as reported on Thursday. These countries are Greece, Iceland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, and Austria. Hence all those who have taken the Covishield vaccine can now travel to these countries in Europe.

Green Pass is of utmost importance in today’s time, which is required for travel in the European Union from July 1. Green Pass holders will not have to quarantine when entering into a country. India had raised the issue with European Medicines Agency (EMA).

There are also reports that Estonia has decided to recognise vaccines that have been authorised by the Government of India for travel. The European Union’s individual member states have the ability to allow travellers who have taken vaccines approved by country, or those recognised by the World Health Organisation.

Adar Poonawalla, Serum Institute of India’s CEO said in a statement, “The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is correct in asking us to apply, which we have through AstraZeneca a month ago, and that process has to take its time. In a month we are confident the EMA will approve Covishield. There is no reason not to as it is based on AstraZeneca data and our product is identical to AstraZeneca more or less.”

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