Composer- Singer Pritam to start free vaccination drive for the Music community

“Vaccination has been the need of the hour and I intend to work towards vaccinating my fellow musicians, recordists and the fraternity involved in the process of music-making. Starting June 14, I’m initiating a vaccination drive for any end everyone associated with music. My intention is to get maximum artistes vaccinated sonthat everyone can start working sooner,” shared Pritam, who has collaborated with a private hospital for the drive, in Mumbai.

Pritam asserts that for the music industry to work safely, it’s essential for them to get vaccinated first.

The ‘Gangster composer says, “ i want the music industry to get back on its feet and start work, and vaccination is the only way to do so. All the studio boys, musicians, recordists, engineers, and their immediate family can take the vaccine. If everybody takes care of their own industry the pressure on the government and BMC becomes lee and they can focus on larger groups of people for vaccination drives. We are distributing the form, getting them to register on the Cowin app, and just pick a date and get them vaccinated. The camp will go on as long as it’s needed.

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