Britney Spears ‘attorney’ resigns from guardianship case

Singer Britney Spears’ longtime court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham III, will resign from the pop star’s guardianship case.
According to the report, Sam Ingham III asked. resigned Tuesday after serving as Spears’ attorney since she began her conservatory career 13 years ago.

Ingham has given no reason in court records as to why he and his company Loeb and Loeb, LLP. I don’t want to represent the singer anymore.
He and the law firm requested that his resignation take effect “with the appointment of a new lawyer appointed by the court”.

Ingham filed the filing Tuesday, asking the Los Angeles Supreme Court to remove him from Spears’ legal representative. “Samuel D. Ingham III hereby resigns as court-appointed attorney for Britney Jean Spears, Ward, following the appointment of a new court-appointed attorney,” the court documents read.

Ingham represents Spears throughout their 13-year ward. In 2008, the court made the settlement with his father, Jamie Spears, as sole guardian.

The attorney’s employment relationship with Spears was challenged last month when the singer made an explosive testimony, calling her guardianship “abusive” and going to court for the first time in her 13-year guardianship.

The first-reported news comes several weeks after Spears told the court that she never knew she could file a motion to end guardianship. “I want change, I deserve change. They told me I had to sit down and be judged again,” she said on June 23, speaking directly to Judge Penny. “Ma’am, I didn’t know I could ask for an end to guardianship. In all honesty, I didn’t know. “” To be honest, I don’t think I owe anyone a review. ” “I’ve done more than enough.”

He also spoke directly through his lawyer during the hearing and mentioned that he wanted to choose his own lawyer. “My attorney, Sam (Ingham), was very scared that I would move on because he said that if I said the floor I would overload the facility at this rehab location. He told me to keep it to myself . ” Spears and was referring to a rehab center she was admitted to a few years ago. “Personally, I actually want to, I grew up with a personal relationship with Sam, my lawyer, I spoke to him three times a week, we established a relationship, but I didn’t really get the chance to” my own, personally mine choose my own lawyer, “he added.” And I wish I could do that. “

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