ARMY celebrate #8YearsofBTS

The biggest Korean boy band BTS marked their 8 years today. This gives the reason to their fans, who are called ARMY to celebrate the big day.

Millions of well wishers have shared happy pictures and penned gratitude notes for the artists.

Meanwhile the band is all set to host a two day online live streaming even called BTS 2021MUSTER SOWOOZOO as a part of their 8th anniversary celebrations.

On the other hand BTS is yet to make an appearance in India. Last year, the group stated that once the virus was finished, they would travel to India. RM has reassured supporters that the band will return to India as soon as feasible. RM said that they truly hope that the situation gets better as soon as possible. if the opportunity comes, he hoped that they can see everyone safely. They send their best wishes for India’s help.

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