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WHO Delta + Variant Alert: AIIMS Director Answers Some Big Questions

Renewed concern over the increasing growth of the Delta variant has caused panic among people. Now the new variant of the highly infectious form of the virus, first detected in India, has forced people to take additional measures to reduce the infection rate. The Delta + mutant listed by the Union Ministry of Health as a variant of concern is believed to cause severe symptoms and is unaffected by the vaccine. In contrast, the director of AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria, in a recent news conference, said there isn’t much data on the new variant to suggest that it is more contagious, or that it will cause more deaths, or that it is developing a mechanism that creates significant immune defenses. Delta + variant that could suggest it is more contagious, caused more deaths, or has developed a significant immune escape mechanism.

Dr. Gulera said that even if the virus is contagious, following proper coronavirus rules like wearing masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands and vaccinating can reduce the risk of infection. Carelessness can cost a lot. The mutant of the Delta variant is already active in more than 100 countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its weekly epidemiological update that the highly communicable strain of the coronavirus will become the dominant strain worldwide in the coming months.The world panel also noted that social, infection prevention and control measures that have been in place since the coronavirus began, remain in effect against Variants of Worrying (VOCs), including the Delta variant.

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