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What you want to realize earlier than present process a LASIK surgical operation.

LASIK or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis is a imaginative and prescient correction surgical operation for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism through laser help. It calls for an ophthalmologist to apply an device known as microkeratome for rectifying and reshaping the cornea, for that reason enhancing the visible acuity. While maximum human beings choose it as a protracted lasting approach to spectacles or touch lenses, a few have a tendency to additionally be sceptical approximately present process this surgical operation and relate it with innumerable myths.

We spoke to Dr. Yogesh Khandvi, an ophthalmologist, primarily based totally in Rajkot, Gujarat to reply a number of the broadly requested questions concerning this eye surgical operation. This is a broadly used remedy opted in particular through the Indians. It includes using mechanical blade or microkeratome for the formation of the flap. It then exactly gets rid of a tissue to rectify the cornea. Since there’s a drastic distinction among the prices of the to be had surgical procedures. The health practitioner clarified that despite the fact that there’s this type of distinction withinside the prices, no unique remedy is taken into consideration because the high-quality or the average. “The distinction is because of the devices used and the method of the surgical operation. All of the 3 surgical procedures have comparable results.”

Dr. Yogesh said. The to be had era and the remedy is cleared and accredited through the FDA and isn’t the same as each other because of the evolution of refractive laser techniques. “If I am imagined to rank those three in a scale of 10. I could provide the C-Lasik 9.6, the femtolasik 9.7, and the SMILE 9.eight thinking about their technological advancement,” he added.

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