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What are the chances of recurring breast cancer, diagnosis, treatment and prevention?

Breast cancer continues to increase worldwide and accounts for up to 11.7% of all new cancer diagnoses. Indian women are reported to develop the disease earlier and in more advanced stages. According to statistics, one in 22 urban women and one in 60 rural women are at risk of developing this disease.As this disease poses a great threat to the patient’s life, says Dr. Kanchan Kaur, Director of Breast Surgery, Medanta – The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon, offers various insights into the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and factors related to breast cancer recurrence.

Answers some key questions about cancer fear and helps you learn about breast cancer-related issues. Breast cancer is relatively easy to diagnose using a microscopic laboratory technique called a biopsy of the affected area. According to the doctor, there are two common types of detection: The first is a physical exam. breasts, while asymptomatic individuals should have a mammogram as part of a routine health check-up.Mammography detects small lesions in the breast that indicate a disease. “Most patients need a combination of mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs to diagnose the local extent of the disease, which detects the extent of the cancer, the condition of the other breast and the lymph nodes in the armpit,” she said.

He explained the needle biopsy technique that is used to confirm the diagnosis of cancer and which ultimately helps plan cancer treatment. The doctor ordered positron emission tomography for patients with advanced disease. This CT scan will help identify the intensity and spread of the cancer.

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