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Tisca Chopra- “Muscle is hard to build and easy to lose.. I am committed to getting fitter this winter break.”

Actor Tisca Chopra shared ways to ‘stay on course with fitness’ in the holiday season. She wrote, “No this isn’t from my gym ..just wanted to pose in this seriously fash forward #athleisure by @adk_avishidayalkalraBut it is a gentle reminder to stay on course with my fitness during the holidays ..Muscle is hard to build and easy to lose..I am committed to getting fitter this winter break ..”

She shared the following rules:-

  • Eat one portion of dessert, if absolutely dying, preferably for lunch not dinner.
  • Start meal with a soup and/or salad, so as to pack less carbs.
  • Drink minimum 2 litres of water, and no, chai and coffee don’t count as water. And alcohol most certainly doesn’t — it’s dehydrating.
  • Eat on time and mostly before going out; “I don’t panic-eat.”
  • Break workout into two parts — a bit of yoga and stretching in the morning. Gym/walking in the evening.. “has better results than just one workout.”

“Here’s to all of us welcoming #2022 with mad good health!” she concluded.

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