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This yoga mat is an environmentally friendly homage to Deepor Beel in Assam.

The robust, non-slip yoga mat, named after the purple moorhen, was created by six young women from Assam, naturally dyed from water hyacinths, completely hand-woven and biodegradable. , from the fishing community of Deepor Beel (a permanent freshwater lake in Guwahati, Assam), have worked together to develop biodegradable and compostable yoga mats that reflect their community’s belief in biodiversity, conservation, and cultural continuity. , the carpet made of natural materials, mostly water hyacinths, is ready to be thrown.

As a tribute to its origins, the carpet is named after the purple moorhen (Kaam Sorai in Assamese), a migratory bird that is unique in the region beel (lake). The design, dyeing and weaving process are environmentally friendly. This also includes making the mat robust, smooth, soft and, above all, non-sliped as the Ramsar area, a wetland of international importance, and for centuries a livelihood for nine nearby fishing villages. Over the years the lake has seen rapid growth and an accumulation of water hyacinths that have reduced the body of water and disrupted the natural ecosystem.The women, two of whom are called Mitali Das, along with Romi Das, Bhanita Das, Sita Das and Mamoni Das called their project ‘Simang’, which translates as ‘dream’, which got wings when they decided to have the experience made by Rituraj Dewan and Nirmali Barua, known for their work on natural products and biodiversity.

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