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Severely affected pregnant and postpartum women in the second Covid-19 wave compared to the first: ICMR study

A study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has shown that pregnant and postpartum women in India was harder hit compared to the former, with significantly higher mortality rates and symptomatic cases this year. ”The case mortality rate (CFR) in pregnant and postpartum women in the second wave was 5.7% (22/387), which The scenario was found significantly higher in the first wave with CFR 0.7 percent (8/1143), “he added. The study was conducted on 1,530 pregnant and postpartum women, 1,143 from the first wave and 387 from the second wave The maternal mortality in the first and second wave was 2 percent (30/1530), of which the majority (28/30) was due to the lung disease Covid and respiratory failure.

The study underlines the importance of the I vaccination against pregnant and breastfeeding women Covid-19 “, said the ICMR. Breastfeeding women in India have been advised to get vaccinated against Covid-19. However, the government has yet to vaccinate these women due to a lack of data from clinical trials.The topic is currently being discussed by the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI). Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended vaccinating pregnant women if they have comorbid illnesses or are at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

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