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Rakul Preet starts the yoga day with Kunjar Kriya to feel happy and full of energy.

Rakul Preet starts the International Yoga day with Kunjar Kriya today. Yogic Kriya helps you feel super clean, light, happy and energetic. Today is International Yoga Day and celebrities are using social media to celebrate the day healthily. Yoga is a great way to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Nobody knows this better than the actor Rakul Preet Singh. She often shares videos and pictures of herself doing yoga asanas, and today revealed a yogic kriya that continues to be joyful and energetic.

To celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, Rakul shared a routine with Preet to do first thing in the morning. a yogic kriya called Kunjar Kriya that helps her feel super clean, light, happy and energetic.She shared a photo of herself lounging in an armchair in a floral dress, holding a glass of water.

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