Over 2 million in England may have had Covid19 for a long time.

Study results reveal a troubling picture of the long-term health consequences of Covid19 that need to be considered in policy and planning. More than 2 million people in England may have long-term COVID and suffered from one or more COVID19 symptoms that lasted for at least 12 weeks, one of the largest coronavirus surveillance studies on Thursday’s REACT2 study, led by Imperial College London, found that more than a third of people who had COVID19 reported symptoms that lasted for at least 12 weeks, and one in ten reported severe symptoms that lasted that long.

“Our findings paint a troubling picture of the long-term health impacts of COVID19 that need to be factored into policy and planning,” said Paul Elliott, director of the government-sponsored study, which is based on self-reported data from 508,707 adults between September 2020 and February 2021. and muscle pain from shortness of breath and chest pain, and the authors said the study could overestimate the prevalence of persistent COVID because such symptoms are common and not always related to COVID19.

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