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New to strength training? Follow these guidelines.

It has been more than a month since Tanya Goenka started an exercise program. “I had an active childhood: swimming, dancing, karate and taekwondo,” says the 18-year-old from Hyderabad. High school forced a slowdown, and the 2020 pandemic outbreak halted many of its activities. Being chained to the house and stuck in online classes for hours led to a change in eating habits; With school behind him and a desire to travel to college in the US in the fall of 2021, he hopes to make health and fitness a priority. He signed up for personal training with fitness trainer Saikrupa Kanth, who works with Telugu actors and film directors. : “The first few hours were focused on the basics, including correcting my posture. I could barely hold a board for 10 seconds, now I can walk for up to a minute,” says Tanya.

She has started to lift light weights and is determined to follow her exercise regimen in the US through online courses.Summer 2020 consisted of getting familiar with trading online: gyms were taboo during the lockdown, fitness enthusiasts turned to the online course. Those who already had a program set up small home gyms with mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands. With the second wave of COVID-19 showing signs of slowing and some states easing lockdown restrictions, it is possible to do one-on-one outdoor training sessions. Second best bet Leena Mogre, a trainer from Mumbai, suggests: “One-to-one classes can help beginners improve their form before signing up for group classes, which can make it difficult for coaches to spot and correct tiny mistakes.


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