My COVID Story: “Up to 7 days I thought I had tonsillitis”

Shyleshkumar Pillai from Maharashtra thought she had normal tonsillitis until after 5 days she lost her sense of smell and taste. He took the test right away and preferred to be hospitalized. due to respiratory problems Here is your entire journey from screening to recovery.

#TheNovelCoronavirus or # Covid19 or # SARSCOV2RNA are all names for a stigma, not a disease. Yes, I went through this stigma and I want to share with you all of my journey and the inner world of Covid19 as I witnessed and experienced it.

It was June 22nd, I woke up with painful tonsillitis, I didn’t bother me much because I already had a chronic tonsil problem, I have to go through the same thing once in two months. a normal problem for me.

I had my normal day. After a while, I began to feel weak when I moved my head slightly.I couldn’t balance myself, I went straight to a doctor who I knew would at least listen to me before turning it down as nowadays any case of strep throat or fever is turned down by private clinics and sent to the KDMC units for analysis .

So I went to him, he confirmed that he has no fever, that oxygen and pulse are normal and he only has a sore throat on his left side, I felt relaxed and took the prescription and medication and left the house. I went home and the first thing I asked my wife to pack my bags and children was to go to my in-laws until I called her again. I didn’t want to risk it until I was back to normal.

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