My COVID Story: Prolonged Cough Has Made Me Sleepless Nights

Although I took precautions and carefully followed all safety measures, when I tested positive for COVID I was shocked and everyone in the family was shocked. strict rules and monitoring of my saturation levels. The constant coughing bothered me like a grumpy child and also gave me sleepless nights and days. When my heart was pounding, I thought my love for my husband was once again many times greater. I wanted to sing dhadak dhadak seethi bajaye re dadak dhadak tumhe bulaye re …Then after a tough fight I felt like a tired and weak fighter, completely exhausted.

Then I realized that all of this was because of the drugs and the crown. My son’s tension peaked and, like a hectic last minute traveler, he started looking for tickets and Googling to solve my problems.

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