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My COVID Story: “My mother’s first COVID symptoms were terrible earache and low fever”

Deep Patel’s mother contracted coronavirus weeks after receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While the family had a happy escape from developing COVID complications, Deep believes getting vaccinated on time definitely helped alleviate his mother’s symptoms and advises people not to give up any doubts or rumors about the vaccine. Here is her COVID story: My mother contracted the coronavirus shortly after receiving her first dose of the Covishield vaccine.

It takes a while for a full protective effect to appear, somehow I was still prone to infections. And almost a week later, on May 7th, he came home early from work complaining of a low fever, we thought it was just a little normal fever and I wasn’t too worried. On the same day, we learned that one of our neighbour’s relatives had died of COVID that day and contacted her several times that week because they did not tell us that someone in their home was infected with COVID. The next day, May 8th, I bought a thermometer and took my mother’s temperature, it was 101 ° F.


Over dry cough (we were surprised because she never does) and she felt like, “I had something in my head Throat, but it “didn’t come out”, along with a sore throat.I advised her not to do any work that day, while she rested all day and my father did the housework, her condition improved slightly that night and her fever decreased. I want to thank the doctor and hospital staff. who was always nice to her and checked her every 30 minutes. On top of that, I’d also love my family members calling to check on my mother and send her tons of fruits. This is a serious illness and I would advise readers to take precautions and continue to monitor the temperature and oxygen saturation of your coronavirus infected family member while taking care of themselves. I hope you find my story helpful and you can learn a story or two from my story.

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