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My COVID Story: My dad couldn’t breathe with the Bipap machine

My dad and I got gastrointestinal issues, but we didn’t have a fever, cough, chest pain, or dyspnea or other COVID symptoms from the textbook; We also had no contact with anyone who was positive. I had my stomach problems but managed to get my dad to speak to an online doctor who diagnosed gastroenteritis and prescribed probiotics along with some other medications when we weren’t feeling well Even after a few days and we were actually very tired, I decided to do the self-test first. My report was negative and my uncle, who is also a doctor, recommended that I test my parents the next day. I arranged an RT. PCR collection at home and after 2 days we received the results my mother was negative and my father was positive with a relatively high viral load We immediately spoke to a doctor and started the medication His CT score was 10/25 and mine was 5 / 25 and we’ve been told that this can be done at home if oxygen saturation is maintained.

I created a tracker to monitor SpO2 and temperature every hour, as well as medication and water reminders. fell below 85 and his mental state also changed.This was at the height of the second wave when the hospitals were already overloaded and beds were nowhere availableWe got help from my sister’s classmate at his hospital on the outskirts and took him to the hospital at 2:30 am. Her oxygen saturation improved to 96 with oxygen assistance, but her mental state was still altered and the blood test showed a CRP of over 100, so she was admitted and started on IV and medication along with remdesivir put on a ventilator, her saturation was on ventilator support good, reaching 99 in the morning the next day. He woke up and although saturation with no oxygen assistance was in his 70s, he felt good enough to walk and eat and drink. Blood reports showed that the CRP had dropped to 50, but the IL6 levels were still elevated. That same night his oxygen began to drop and he could not breathe with the BiPaP device.

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