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My COVID Story: I Wish I Could Have Repaired Oxygen

For My Dad Since COVID19 I’ve only been concerned about my dad’s health, he already had some serious health problems related to liver and blood pressure but despite all these problems there was he is very cheerful and a very lively person. I always made sure he took every precaution, but he was very careless, he took this virus very easily. Not only my father, when the second wave of COVID19 hit Delhi, many people were still roaming the city, enjoying food and shopping as if the virus had gone.

To be honest, we all went back to our normal daily lives. As April started my father felt depressed but he didn’t care and as the days went on he began to show symptoms of a severe cold, cough, and fever. Even after a week he still refused to go to the doctor, he said he was fine, but we couldn’t convince him any further because he was a very stubborn person in my family. His health was deteriorating, and I, my mother, and my brother were very concerned. After much persuasion and pleading, he finally decided to go to the hospital, luckily we got the bed and oxygen in the same hospital, but unfortunately by that point the situation was already out of control. to the hospital, his saturation on the eighth day of COVID fluctuated between 80 and 86 and his lungs were damaged 60% -70% This was like the moment my family and I went numb and lost all hope.

It was like our worst nightmare was to see him gasp, struggle to survive, and our hearts break to a million pieces in pain. I saw him cry literally every minute, every hour. He really was a survivor, he fought, and he did everything to survive. He was completely exhausted from the pain and suffering and showed no improvement. He asked us to take him home, but we refused as this was the only hospital that provided all medical facilities at the time. The next day the doctor came to my mother and told her that my father’s condition was not improving, and that his liver and kidney had also failed. That was the moment my family had to decide whether to leave him in the hospital or to grant our father’s wish to die. He got out of hand, begged us all to take him with us. At home his health was deteriorating, but our only concern was how would he survive without oxygen at home? We finally decided to take him home and that’s where our real fight began. There was a shortage of oxygen tanks in town, but somehow we managed to give him oxygen for two days. At that time I also saw violence, people fought for top hats, they were stolen, mistreated and doctors harmed, everyone tried to save their loved ones.


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