My COVID story: I saw how young people without comorbidities succumbed to the virus

In February of this year, everything was OK every day increased significantly. per day. The month of April had been very hard for many families in COVID-affected cities, no one could have predicted that the second wave would be of this kind, the second wave was so dangerous that no one even gave time to respond to the RTPCR- Results that could take about 56 days in the current scenario, because when the results arrive you have to go to the emergency hospital and receive immediate treatment.
If someone experiences a fever, cold, body aches, headache, immediately consult a doctor, do not wait for the days to pass, since Corona has an average cycle of 14 days, every day is crucial, start the medication as soon as possible after you consult Your doctor. I also got infected with COVID; My temperature was 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 days. I thought I haven’t had a fever for the past year so why am I feeling this way? That raised doubts in my head and I immediately decided to take the RTPCR test. The result came in 24 hours. and i said positive. I started taking medication shortly after consulting the doctor.After 5 days I did not have a fever but it took about 15 days for the cough and weakness to fully recover even though I had mild symptoms, but still what I experienced is difficult to explain, sleepless nights, control the oxygen content every hour. 15 days were really tough.

Remember, each of us needs to take care of ourselves, use a double mask regularly and a face shield even in crowded places. Avoid meetings, important as they are. Try to distance yourself as much as possible.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that people with comorbidities are more likely to get this virus, it may be true to some extent, but I’ve seen many young people without comorbidity have succumbed to the virus. were able to recover and came back happy after the hospital stay. It totally depends on when treatment started.This is a pandemic and almost all fever cases in the current scenario are solely due to COVID.Early intervention is the only key to getting out of COVID safely. To date, no one has been

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