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My COVID story: I refused to get the vaccine and I believed that COVID couldn’t affect me.

Rupesh Kajaria led an active and healthy life. COVID experience, last February I celebrated my 50th birthday, with regular exercise and yoga, a daily walk along the coast, a simple diet, a calm lifestyle and some spiritual reading. I tried to fight the virus experimentally, my family and friends pushed me to take the COVID-19 vaccine but I refused to take it, I still had the illusion that nothing could affect me. I started in April 2021 with bank exams in three branches each; on May 5th my daughter lost her sense of smell; The next day my family members were tested for the virus.

My wife, daughter and I tested positive but my 13 year old son was found negative so we decided to send him to our old house, now our fight against the virus has started but my daughter and wife have no symptoms , we started taking the medication as recommended by the doctor. Even after six to seven days, my temperature was constantly fluctuating between 99 and 100 ° F. After checking my chest HRCT and CRP, my doctor suggested that I go. My supporters advised me instead of a private one Hospital to choose a government hospital as there would be adequate medication and oxygen.

I was also strongly advised to be admitted to the Seven Hills Hospital in Marol, Andheri. (East). On May 13th we called an ambulance and I went humming the tunes to some old Bollywood songs.When I got out of the ambulance, a security person confirmed my registration at the hospital, I felt like I was attending a great event, there was an army of doctors and nurses to support us, and we had great respect for our soldier , my heart beat with gratitude to the medical staff who helped the country fight Covid. The cash, credit and debit cards that I had on me were taken away by security as I was not allowed to take them into the apartment. After looking through my Aadhar card and form, I was shown block number 15 on 7. There were four beds in one room. The next day all my tests were done and my medication was decided accordingly. Tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, sandwiches and dinner. Bottles of mineral water were kept outside of our room.

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