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My COVID Story: Even after months, I am suffering to regain my strength In the months of April-May, 2021

I become operating from domestic and now no longer going out at all. One day my own circle of relatives ordered a pizza and ate up it an eleven though I didn’t. I become keeping off meals from outdoor completely. In 3 days, the aged commenced having signs and symptoms of low fever. Soon they examined nice and and eleven though they remote themselves after the take a look at result, harm had already been done. The virus had unfold within side the residence and eleven though I took all precautions even as presenting them meals outdoor their room, sporting a masks etc.,

I too was given it! The first symptom becomes sore throat, then low fever. After getting examined nice I labored for 3 greater days after which took entire mattress relaxation for 6 days. I took paracetamol, azi, zinc, multi vitamin, VIT C, D, Ivermectin and took steam. I suffered from intense fatigue and congestion that might pass momentarily after taking steam. But I didn’t have a runny nose. Although I had misplaced my appetite, I didn’t pass even a unmarried meal. Even then, I misplaced 5 kgs. It’s been nearly months now however I’m suffering to regain my strength. Just a mild taking walks of 1 km offers me great ache in legs and thighs. The worst component is, that I misplaced my sleep ever because I had COVID. I simply can’t sleep regardless of how worn-out I am. It’s a consistent struggle.


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