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How Online Coaching Can Help Pregnant Women Make Better Decisions

The results show that digital health care could be a cost-effective way of providing personalized advice to women with difficulties during pregnancy for whom the NHS does not have the resources. After women become pregnant, they can improve their lifestyle habits through personalized advice on a smartphone, according to a study recently published in the journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online, which shows that digital health care could be an inexpensive way to provide personalized advice for women who Have difficulties during pregnancy for which the NHS does not have the resources.

The greatest reduction in behaviors that pose a risk of pregnancy was seen in overweight women. , led by the University of Southampton, 262 women who were planning pregnancies and had difficulty conceiving or recurrent miscarriages.All participants completed questionnaires via the app on topics such as diet, intake of topics at the beginning and at six-week intervals during the four-month study Folic acid, smoking and alcohol consumption.

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