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How lengthy can the sperm remaining to your vagina?

If you’ve got got had unprotected intercourse and suppose that peeing could make your existence easier, we’ve a fact bomb we’re approximately drop on you. Sperms can remaining lengthy to your vagina, even in case you pee or smooth your vagina after having unprotected intercourse. There is even an excessive danger which you may even get pregnant. It all relies upon at the electricity of your partner’s sperm. For a herbal pregnancy, one ought to have everyday semen parameters. Millions of sperms are required to fertilize one egg. You could be amazed to recognize that there are 100-six hundred million sperms in a teaspoon of semen. Your probabilities of having pregnant depend upon numerous matters inclusive of volume, count, motility and morphology. If there may be a hassle with any of those parameters, it could make herbal idea difficult. This is whilst you want recommendation from a fertility professional to recognize the motives and treatment.

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