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Effective Sleep Habits That Boost Your Immunity

Good sleep is critical to good daily health, keeps you charged, combats obesity, lifestyle problems, and supports vital body processes, including our immunity.
Contrary to popular belief, our immune system, which protects our body from infections and pathogens, not only depends on your diet or lifestyle, but your sleep rhythm also plays a very important role. The slow healing is very emphasized during recovery from any illness or disease, including COVID19. Therefore, every individual has to carefully record 78 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day, even more if you want to strengthen your immune system and vigorously fight all pathogens.
Sleep supports the production of anti-inflammatory proteins, the cytokines and T cells, also known as army cells, that protect our bodies by attacking and fighting antigens. keeping every thought aside and stabilizing your mood.

However, you need to strengthen your resilience or flexibility while sleeping, even in uncomfortable situations. It should be noted that sleep hygiene also plays a very important role in stimulating and strengthening your immune system and guaranteeing you hours of rest in bed. The environment or your surroundings play a very important role in enabling you to have a constant sleep. You should always make sure that your indoor climate is relaxing and cool. However, if you still find it bright or useless, try sleeping masks or full blackout curtains. Because if you make your room dark, cool and quiet, it will automatically sleep for a longer period of time.

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