Diseases That Make You Thirsty

It is not uncommon to be extremely thirsty on hot summer days. The scorching sun outdoors causes excessive water loss in the form of sweat, which makes us drink more fluids than we normally do anywhere else. In addition, through intensive training and the consumption of spicy and fatty foods, you can swallow liters of water in a day. This is an indication that your body is running out of water and needs to top up in order for the organs to continue their work without a break, but if you keep filling your glass of water for no good reason then it could be a sign of some other health problem.

Several underlying health conditions can cause you to feel dry from time to time. When your body cells become resistant to insulin, your kidney has to work harder to remove excess sugar from your blood. Replace the lost fluid. As a result, you feel dry and want to drink more fluids than before. Frequent urination and excessive thirst are two early signs of diabetes. Anemia is a condition in which your body does not have enough red blood. Cells to produce hemoglobin.

This could be due to a variety of causes, such as poor diet or heavy bleeding. Dehydration is a common sign of anemia. The signs are more pronounced if you have severe anemia. Other symptoms of this condition include dizziness, fatigue, sweating, and others. Hypercalcemia is a condition in which the levels of calcium in the body rise to dangerous levels. This can occur due to overactive parathyroid glands, tuberculosis, and cancer. Feeling thirsty can be the first symptom of hypercalcemia. Too much calcium in the blood can weaken bones and form kidney stones.

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